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Liz is a member of Residential Home Funding’s Consumer Direct team, operating out of the corporate headquarters in Parsippany, NJ. She began her career in consumer lending in 2003, after almost 20 years in hospitality. Her customer service mentality, combined with an ability to “think outside the box”, makes her an exceptional loan officer. What sets her apart is her philosophy. She says, “It takes dedication and patience to establish a relationship with each and every client. Only when I understand what is truly important to someone will I advise him or her on an appropriate course of action to address his/her unique needs.” She chose RHF as her professional home because of its untarnished reputation for integrity and customer service, as well as its enormous arsenal of available loan products. “If a solution exists, not only do we have it available here, but we do it better and faster than anyone else!”

Liz credits her prior career in restaurant/hospitality for her customer service mentality and for her people skills. She left that industry in search of a more flexible schedule that would enable her to be available to enjoy her children. “Residential mortgages make it possible for me to have a huge impact on my clients’ lives while still enjoying every minute of my boys’ activities with them. They are 10 and 12, and between baseball, football, basketball, band, and regular school, there’s always something going on. It’s not unusual for me to be on my phone or laptop conducting business while watching baseball practice. I love it!” This flexibility enables Liz to be as available as she needs to be when her clients’ situations require it. “You never know if someone will find their dream home on Sunday at 7pm and need a customized preapproval letter immediately. I don’t expect to work 9-5, and my willingness to come through in a pinch is why my clients send me their friends and family.”

Licensed by the NJ Dept. of Banking & Insurance - NMLS #34973

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Liz Santos, Mortgage Loan Originator
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